City of O’Fallon Downtown District Economic Impact/Beautification Award

O'Fallon and Downtown District Receive Chamber Award

Economic Development
O'Fallon Corridor
April 2021

Not even a pandemic could hinder the progress of the City of O’Fallon and the Downtown District. Our joint efforts to revitalize Downtown, and our shared successes, are not going unnoticed. In April of 2021, the Chamber of Commerce presented the Downtown District and the City of O’Fallon with an award as a part of the Chamber’s annual Salute to Business Awards, recognizing two of the organizations’ missions: Economic Impact and Beautification.

The Economic Impact portion of the award takes a few things into consideration, such as jobs created and retained, capital investment for new construction and remodels, and projects or programs that stimulated community development. The Downtown District group and City staff share a common goal of bringing a sense of community through events, beautification, and a renewed vision for Downtown O’Fallon.

The construction and marketing of a community event venue in the Downtown District, named O’Fallon Station, has contributed to the growing economic inertia of the Downtown District. O’Fallon Station is known as a space “built by the community, for the community” and is yet another testament to the collaboration between the Downtown District and the City. O’Fallon Station serves as both an anchor and a springboard to renewed energy in the heart of O’Fallon. The building is intended for both public and private events and is also home to O’Fallon’s weekly Vine Street Market, which offers local produce, treats, and gifts every Saturday from May through October.

In addition to O’Fallon Station, the Downtown District and the City of O’Fallon have collaborated on a variety of events to encourage both locals and visitors to experience Downtown O’Fallon. Some of these events include “Witches & Wizards Night Out,” “Tinsel Around Town,” “BaconFest,” and even a “Leap Day Treasure Hunt” in which City Hall was one of the treasure hunt stops. More recently, the groups teamed up to host “Chalk it Up to Art & BazaArt,” a chalk art contest and festival held in the Downtown District, filled with food, music, activities, prizes, and local art. The influence of these successful projects that once started as just visions is truly incredible, transforming Downtown O’Fallon into a desirable place to be.

The receipt of the Beautification Award is attributed to the many efforts O’Fallon and the Downtown District have made to improve the aesthetics of Downtown. Once you set foot in the Downtown District, you will notice the cheerful yellow boxes on the sidewalks letting you know you are in the Downtown District. String lights have been added across First Street just in time for summer outdoor dining and soft-lit evening strolls through the District. The O’Fallon Parks and Recreation Department designs and maintains creative, striking floral displays year-round that add to the visual appeal of Downtown


There is no doubt that the City’s Façade Improvement Program also contributed to the receipt of this award. Launched in the fall of 2019, the matching grant program has paved the way for eight downtown businesses to remodel the exterior of their buildings.      

And if that is not enough “beautification,” check out the unique Downtown District mural at Steven Mueller’s Florist (and be sure to keep an eye out for more in the future).

The City of O’Fallon and the Downtown District are incredibly honored to have received this recognition from the O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce. The revitalization of the Downtown is truly a collaborative effort, with so many individuals playing a part to make a difference. In no way are we done looking for more ways to improve the community we cherish, so be sure to stay tuned for what the Downtown District has in store!

For a video of the award presentation and a word from the Mayor, please visit the O’Fallon Shiloh Chamber of Commerce website.

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