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Development Opportunities in O’Fallon, IL.

Our Development Partners

New and existing opportunities for retailers large and small.

Throughout our growing city, retailers of all sizes are recognizing the strength of our community. Locally owned businesses like Bike Surgeon realized early on the opportunities presented by our market; and national retailers like Walmart and Academy Sports also have growing locations here. Large local businesses – like the Auffenberg Auto Center – draw customers from across our $3 billion, 30-mile market area.

O’Fallon Retail Trade Area Profile

O’Fallon Retail Trade Area Gap/Opportunity Analysis 

Recreational Destinations

A sense of fun and fitness at the center.

O’Fallon’s reputation as the place in the Metro East to work, live and play – with an emphasis on play – has taken a huge step forward, thanks to the Family Sports Park and MetroRecPlex.

The Family Sports Park features a 200-acre, multi-use baseball and soccer complex that is home to over 45 professional tournaments annually. The McKendree MetroRexPlex adds pools, fitness centers and ice rinks to the mix. These developments have an annual economic impact of $5.1 million to the city, and have sparked residential and retail development throughout the area.

O’Fallon Parks and Recreation is not only the second largest employer in O’Fallon, but also one of the largest attractions. Each year, O’Fallon’s parks attract 250,000+ out of town visitors to O’Fallon!

The Downtown District

Historic opportunities in the center of O’Fallon.

Over the last five years, development in O’Fallon’s central district has taken off, with local and national business bringing retail, dining and entertainment to the area. A new community plaza, named O’Fallon Station, will be the home of new farmer’s markets, festivals and events, will keep the trend moving forward.

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Healthcare / Office

A destination for health and success.

O’Fallon has become a destination market for both healthcare and business. It’s led by the debut of the $300 million state-of-the-art medical campus of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, which brings more than 250,000+ visitors to the city every year. The medical complex has sparked professional and retail development across the city.

Key Developments:

$300 million St. Elizabeth’s Hospital
Regency Park Drive professional business park


30,000 strong – and growing every year.

With multiple new neighborhoods under construction – including more than 450 new homes completed in 2017 alone – O’Fallon is one of the fastest-growing cities in the St. Louis metro area. O’Fallon has many great home builders of all ranges. Whether it is your starter home, or your retirement dream, people are choosing to Build Their Life in O’Fallon.


Future Development

Opportunities abound in every corner of O’Fallon.

Both as home base and a regional recreational, professional and retail destination, O’Fallon is leading the national and regional trends for growth. Development continues throughout the city – and key opportunities remain. We have 1500+ undeveloped acres that would be ideal for light industrial or technological development, along with multiple sites throughout the city for retail or office developments.

Incentives and Market Research

Economic Development Incentives

The City of O’Fallon understands how business works. For a good deal, the numbers have to make sense. In accordance with the City’s incentive policy the City of O’Fallon may provide economic development incentives in order to attract high quality development.

These incentives may include:

  • Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
  • Property Tax Abatement
  • Enterprise Zone Incentives
  • Sales Tax Rebates
  • Special Service Areas
  • Business Districts
  • Any other incentives permitted by law

Location of O’Fallon’s Economic Development Incentive Districts

Green Mount Medical Campus TIF
Central Park TIF
Central City/Downtown TIF
Downtown District Facade Improvement Program
Four Points/RecPlex TIF
O’Fallon Small Business Relief Fund (COVID Impact)

Mid America Enterprise Zone

The St. Clair County MidAmerica Enterprise Zone was certified by the State of Illinois on
January 1, 2000. The Zone is a tool used to encourage economic development. The St. Clair
County Mid America Enterprise Zone incentives are established by state legislation and local
ordinance. Incentives may include: Sales Tax Exemption, Investment Tax Credits, Utility Tax Exemptions and beginning in 2019 – Property Tax Abatement.

The City of O’Fallon and other local taxing bodies offer Property Tax Abatement within the Mid America Enterprise Zone. Commercial, industrial, or manufacturing property located within the zone are eligible for property tax abatement based on a ten year schedule. The ten year schedule begins once a development is substantially complete.

  • Years 1-7: 100% Property Tax Abatement
  • Year 8: 70% Property Tax Abatement
  • Year 9: 40% Property Tax Abatement
  • Year 10: 10% Property Tax Abatement

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Market Research

The City partnered with The Retail Coach to perform a Cell Phone Analysis on multiple locations to determine who is visiting O’Fallon. The Retail Coach determines who is coming to O’Fallon by examining historical location-based cell phone data. This data is analyzed and displayed in an interactive map to show who is coming to O’Fallon, and where those visitors call home. The system will allow for custom queries showing time of day and number of visits over the 12-month period.

Retail and Commercial Visitors

Shoppers from across the St. Louis area, and deep into Southern Illinois come to O’Fallon to shop and eat. With such a large concentration of retail options, O’Fallon is the premier location for commercial growth in Southern Illinois. Just take a look and see who is coming to visit the Highway 50 Commercial Coordinator and the Green Mount Commercial Corridor.

Healthcare/Office Visitors

When HSHS-St. Elizabeth’s Medical Campus opened up, not only did a $300 Million hospital with 1,200+ employees join O’Fallon, but with it, came 250,000 visitors annually. O’Fallon continues to experience tremendous growth related to healthcare and professional offices. Visitors from across the United States, and even the world are visiting O’Fallon to experience what this community has to offer.

Recreational Tourism/Youth Sports

O’Fallon is a destination for recreational tourism. The O’Fallon Family Sports Park, with its 8 all-weather turf soccer fields, and 10 state-of-the-art baseball/softball fields attracts 250,000+ visitors a year. The McKendree Metro RecPlex, a brand-new ice and aquatic sports complex further adds to the draw. These attractions bring in athletes, and their fans to O’Fallon, where they eat, drink, sleep, and of course…play. People from across the country come to O’Fallon for its A+ recreational destinations. It must be the reason why O’Fallon has the largest concentration of hotels in Southern Illinois. You can see who is coming to O’Fallon for the Soccer Fields and the Baseball Fields.

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