Bike Surgeon

Driving downtown development.

Bike Surgeon finds a home in O’Fallon.

201 E. State Street
O'Fallon Corridor
Green Mount Road
May 2017

Bike Surgeon was originally founded in 1974 by Mark Robinson, internationally famous for his hospitality to cyclists on the Trans America Trail.

In 2004, Jon and Emily Greenstreet purchased the shop, and it continued to get bigger and better. By 2006, Bike Surgeon was one of the leading shops in Southern Illinois and constantly looking for ways to improve and grow.

In 2009, with a focus on continued growth, the decision to relocate the shop to the Metro East area was made and in the Spring of 2017, the Bike Surgeon relocated to downtown O’Fallon.  This move proved very successful for Bike Surgeon; now nationally ranked as one of the Top 100 bicycle retailers nationwide.

A strong focus on the customer experience and on building the community of riders has led to this success.  With a team of national caliber bike FIT professionals, an industry leading team of mechanics and techs (FIX), some of the most FUN events in regional cycling and a destination worthy store experience, Bike Surgeon is the bike shop you need to check out.

“Almost two years we started conversing with the city, and they helped point us in the right direction.”
Jon Greenstreet, Owner
Bike Surgeon
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