2022 Facade Improvements Complete


Downtown District

Since 2019, the City of O’Fallon has conducted the Downtown Façade Improvement Grant Program, a one-of-a-kind program designed to breathe a new life into the Downtown District through the improvement of existing building exteriors. 

As the City nears the start of the next round of Façade Improvement Grants, we encourage you to review the successes of the previous award winners from 2019-2021. Get Ready for the Next Round of Facade Improvement Grants – O’Fallon (ofallonillinois.org)

In 2021, two Downtown District buildings were awarded a façade improvement grant: 129 E. State Street (Three Sisters Crafts) and 101 S. Cherry Street (Le Ono). 

129 E. State Street – Three Sisters Crafts

April Barnes is the owner of Three Sisters Crafts and the building located at 129 E. State Street, which was awarded a façade improvement grant. Three Sisters Crafts is a great Downtown District store offering whimsical gifts, craft supplies and classes on Saturday afternoons!  The award-winning application from Barnes included new larger windows, framing around the windows, light fixtures, signage, and new siding.  When asked how this grant has impacted her business, Barnes stated, “The locals have given me amazing compliments about my new store front. This has increased the volume of customers tremendously, especially on Saturdays. The new store front and signage has attracted customers attending the Vine Street Market.” Barnes explained that in the first round of the façade improvement grants, she was not awarded. While disappointed, she continued to work with the Community Development Department to ensure that her next submittal was more competitive. Despite the setback, Barnes, “It was worth the wait”. When asked if she would recommend this grant to others located in the Downtown District, she said “Absolutely! The City’s guidelines will assist you through the design process.” July 2024 will be Barnes’ 25th year in business in the Downtown District and now she has a building ready to celebrate!

101 S. Cherry Street – Le Ono

Jon Greenstreet purchased a former labor union’s office located at 101 S. Cherry Street and converted this building into Le Ono. Le Ono opened this summer and has not disappointed, taking familiar French dishes and elevating them utilizing Polynesian ingredients producing a distinctly different dining experience. Greenstreet is a familiar name in the Downtown District, as he is the owner of Bike Surgeon and Gears at 201 E. State Street.  Greenstreet’s façade improvement application made several upgrades to the Le Ono building, including a new front gable, an outdoor dining area, windows, siding, lighting, and signage. When Greenstreet was asked what attracted him to this building, he stated, “location was key. We wanted to bring a one-of-a-kind cuisine to the downtown area.” Greenstreet has received wonderful comments about Le Ono and what the revamped building has done for the downtown area. He stated,” It has added to the vibrancy the downtown.” In addition to the updated facade, the improvements to the interior parallel the quality of the restaurant’s exterior. “The façade grant provided the spark that got the ball rolling for this location.” Greenstreet made the decision to maintain the building, looking to preserve the authentic character of the Downtown District and it is a decision that has given the restaurant some character.  Greenstreet would recommend this program to everyone. “It is very beneficial for small businesses that may not have this improvement in their budgets. It is a very powerful program”.

Joining alongside Greenstreet at Le Ono is head chef Talani Moe. Joining in the Downtown District momentum had been a goal of Moe’s for some time and now thanks to the façade improvement program he has a great building to share his unique food and cocktails. Moe stated, “O’Fallon is where I wanted my business to be, and we are here now. There is a great crowd here and I love to share my passion with the community.”

The façade improvement program has continued to transform the Downtown District. In 2022, the City was able to award four buildings a façade improvement grant. So be on the look out for improvements to these addresses: 

  • 114 W. State Street
  • 117 E. State Street
  • 118 E. Washington Street 
  • 220 W. State Street

With all this success, The City is excited to announce the next application round for Façade Improvement Grants will be opening on November 6, 2023. We encourage anyone that is interested and has property located in the Central City TIF District to apply. Please check The City’s website for updates and if you have any questions you can email [email protected].


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