O’Fallon Experiences an Increase in New Construction in April 2020

O'Fallon Shows That Not Even COVID-19 Can Slow It Down

Construction Up Over 300% From Last Year

Just as the  Jimmy Buffet line goes, “It Takes No More Time to See the Good Side of Life Than It Takes to See the Bad.”

During these challenging times, it helps to smile every once in a while. Sometimes it may seem like there is very little to celebrate, but that is far from reality. Neighbors are becoming reacquainted. We are learning to enjoy the little things again.

Every storm cloud runs out of rain. And when it does, this Community will be ready to celebrate in the sunshine.

It can’t be called a comeback, because the momentum in O’Fallon has never stopped. Actually, construction in O’Fallon has increased over the past few months.

Comparing the amount of money invested in construction from this year to last year:

The numbers aren’t fooling. Nearly $12,000,000 worth of construction occurred in O’Fallon in April 2020. That’s 300% more than last year!

Not only is the investment happening. But O’Fallon’s landscape is changing for the better.

Southview Plaza: Demolished and awaiting new construction

Old Frame Shop: Demolished and awaiting new construction

Old Lumber Yard: Demolished and awaiting construction.

This Pandemic has affected everyone. Its nice to know that when all is said and done, your community is going to be there for you to enjoy – and its going to be bigger than better than it was before.


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