Downtown District Launches New Branding

Thinking Outside the "Box"

Downtown District Features New Interactive Art and Events

Downtown District

O’Fallon’s new downtown branding captures the spirt and passion of the community’s core. It also reflects the energy created by the business owners in downtown O’Fallon.

The heart of O’Fallon is its people. United in their support for those around them. United in their love for this place we call home. The business owners in downtown O’Fallon have chosen their home. That’s why it was important for change to come from within.

The City and business owners in downtown wanted to continue to bring new excitement to our growing downtown, encouraging local residents and visitors to “Meet us here” in the Downtown District.

The Downtown District is blazing a trail into the future. New shops, new restaurants, and new destinations are creating a new normal in O’Fallon’s most historic area. The District is now flourishing with a perfect mix of nostalgia and progress.

The next challenge? Get people to the Downtown District…and get them to connect.

How would people who don’t live in O’Fallon (or even Illinois) be able to discover the essence of the Downtown District? How could they understand how O’Fallon’s downtown is different?

The Answer: Make it different.

With the name in place, the next step is to create pieces that people can use every day as they visit the district. The Downtown District will feature visual branding including large interactive boxes, façade art, and a new website.  All of it is designed to stand out and grab everyone’s attention.  

The Downtown District, which features O’Fallon’s newest destination “O’Fallon Station”, will work to bring new events and more reasons to come to downtown.

We encourage you to “meet us here” in the downtown district. Interact with the branding. Connect with us. Visit the website ( But most of all, enjoy the Downtown District.

Don’t forget to take a picture with a box and use #DowntownDistrict.

There’s plenty more to come. We are just getting started.




"The Downtown District is the heart and soul of the community. We want to showcase our Downtown Districts unique heritage and fun and eclectic mix of businesses."
Whitney Leidner, Owner
Refinery Salon
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